Mardi Gras, French for “fat Tuesday,” has come and gone.  Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the first day of Lent.  During this season, it is customary to abstain from eating meat (including chicken and fowl) on Fridays and holy days.  Which brings us to Fish Fridays! 

Growing up Catholic, I had the hardest time figuring what to eat during Lent.  I’ve complied a round-up fish recipes that I would have loved to have during my first year living on my own! 

clementine-fennel-salmon-3Friday night is the start of the weekend.  No need to spent hours in the kitchen preparing dinner.  It’s time to relax and enjoy.  This oven-baked salmon with clementines and fennel by Stephanie of Everyday Feasts is the first step to a relaxing weekend. 

asian-fish-with-vegetables1A healthy dinner in under 30 minutes?! Sold.  This Asian flavors inspired salmon and vegetables over rice by Andi of The Weary Chef looks like it will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. 

BHG-Baja-Fish-Tacos-1Baja Fish Tacos. These tacos make you feel like you’re away on vacation along the Pacific Ocean.  Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest sure knows how to excite the senses with her Baja fish tacos

Salmon-teriyaki-recipeCharlene of Chichilicious claims she’s no professional, but I am in awe of her food and her photography!  My mom is going to love me even more when I maker her Charlene’s Salmon Teriyaki.  Bonus points for her super easy homemade teriyaki sauce!

IMG_7873-1-1024x723What an excellent family meal!  Sonali of Sugar el al takes this classic French seafood soup and turns it into something family friendly and totally approachable.  Don’t you want a taste of this bouillabaisse French seafood soup? 


With not much time or effort, you can create a delicious meal.  With this lemon-pepper salmon in foil by Kathrina of Diethood, the secret is in the flavored butter. 

TheChic_seafood-bake Love seafood but don’t like the way it makes your kitchen smell? Neither does Rachel. Try out her seafood bake which uses foil pouches to not only control the aroma, but it makes clean up a breeze.  Mix and match veggies and seafood to your tastes!  

img_9208bNow, this is the way I like to enjoy my fist.  Deep fried.  This soy ginger sea bream by Rosemary of Cooking in Sens looks spicy and delicious!  I can only imagine the flavors that are created by mixing fresh ginger with soy sauce, sesame oil, and chills! YUM! 

ceviche_1.jpg__900x1290_q85_cropWhy go out for sushi when you can make something similar at home?!  This lovely salmon ceviche with avocado by Sara of Urban Cookery would surprise and wow everyone at the dinner table. 


Ljilja of Fine Baking has made this fabulous looking blackened chipotle tilapia with black bean salad.  It’s an exciting dish that you can make all year round for a little festive and summer flair. 

Do you have a favorite fish dish?  Share with us below!