Anniversary Sign, Monogram

When we were driving home from our wedding, I was utterly depressed. I was thrilled to be married to Dave and so excited to head out on our honeymoon but I was also really sad that I didn’t have a wedding to plan anymore. I mean, I’m a party planner by birth AND profession so it’s understandable. To make me feel better, Dave looked over and said ‘don’t worry babe, we can do this again every five years’. I don’t think he meant it seriously, but I sure did and every five years I’ve thrown us a big fabulous anniversary party!

Last weekend we celebrated ten years of marriage at our home with our families and close friends. We renewed our vows (as we did at five years) and enjoyed bluegrass music, comfort food, beautiful decor and a late night dance party. It was such a fun way to celebrate and I thought you guys might like a peek. So check out our ‘Boho Chic’ Anniversary Party, I hope the idea inspires you to celebrate every chance you get! xo, Rachel

Wooden Chairs, Vintage CeremonyWe set the ceremony up in the round using vintage wood folding chairs. This is a really beautiful idea if you have a small ceremony because you are literally surrounded by love.

Ceremony in the RoundHaving a 22 month old little boy meant that we had someone running around our feet for most of the ceremony but the photos are just precious.

Vow renewalThe theme for the anniversary party was ‘Boho Chic’ which to me meant flawy, natural, flowers, bohemian and just a little bit hipster. The boys looked so cute in their matching outfits and after searching for ages for something to wear I ended up in the green vintage dress I wore to prom when I was 16. I love that this frock has so much fun history… and also, that it was free!

mooncanyon floral, headpiece, halo

I had the absolute most amazing florist in LA to work with in Moon Canyon, and I LOVED my headpiece. A gorgeous halo of blooms isn’t exactly practical, but gosh was it pretty! 

Flower Display Wedding

Bowl of Hair Flowers

Floral Piece in HairSpeaking of flowers… we also had this gorgeous table set up so guests could get a corsage, a boutonniere or flowers for their hair. It was so fun in that it gave them something to do during cocktail hour and made them feel like they were special. This idea came from former Chic-staffer and current amazing wedding planner Erica Espana at Twine Events.

boho chic seating cards

For the escort cards Jackson and Sawyer wrote out the names on little gift tags. Then I just wrapped kitchen twine around a tree in our front yard a million times and pinned the tags to it. The flowers added a nice to touch to tie it all in.

boho chic wedding

The centerpieces were an eclectic mix of flowers, plants, textures and vessels. I absolutely loved that it was a mix of elements and it turned out so well against the stark white of the table cloth.

southern food wedding

The two things I wanted to do most at the anniversary party were EAT and DANCE. The menu was all comfort food from Whoa Nelly and it was utterly incredible. I ate my body weight in Mac N’ Cheese!

rustic wedding dessert

The desserts were all our favorites: strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookies, blondies, homemade hoho’s and homemade Twix! What an incredible memory for our whole crew!

Hollis Family