Kids Laundry

When I saw the laundry basket at Rachel’s house full of boys clothes I thought two things.

One: those are the most adorable tiny race-car/dinosaur/monster truck shirts I have ever seen.

Two: that is a lot of clothes to wash and sort. Plus, how can you really remember whose cute little plaid shorts are whose?!

Then I came across this brilliant suggestion on how to organize kids laundry and thought it was so smart. To save time for you busy moms out there give each of your kids a colored mesh laundry bag. When it’s time to do a load, throw the full bags into together to wash and dry. No sorting will be necessary! Bonus: When it is all done you can hand the cleaned laundry back to each kid as a chore to fold their clothes and put them away. The best part is this little trick will work for anyone who has to do laundry for multiple people. You can make things simpler by separating your clothes from your husbands, partners, roommates, you name it! ~ Cortnee

Quick Laundry Sorting