rachel hollis party

We just celebrated our 1st birthday last week and so you know a party was in order! Here’s a little peek at the birthday party I hosted at my house for the whole chic team!

make your own cocktail bar

The chic birthday party started like all good parties should… with a cocktail! I set up a table in my backyard so guests could muddle their own creations. I put out a bunch of different options for the liquor base as well as various kinds of juice, mixers, fruit and even herbs from my garden! At the last minute I added a little blue bench of Ford’s just so the table would have some height and dimension.

cute alcohol display

bar set up

Since this was a party for the chic grown ups as well as their kiddos we also had a craft table where the little ones could occupy themselves. It’s always a good idea to plan out an activity for party guests of all ages and when kids are involved it can be something as simple as a designated area to play or a special movie they can watch together… our kiddos watched Frozen of course!


long dining table green cloth

I loved the idea of having one long table everyone could sit at together and we were lucky enough to have help decorating this space by my friends at Ixora, one of my all time favorite florists! I loved the use of glass and candles and the beautiful vibrant colors she chose for the fresh blooms.

tropical flowers dinner party

candle light driftwood table

long dining table