Rachel Hollis Thanksgiving Jerseys

Every year at the Hollis’ Annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza you can count on two things: enough carbohydrates to feed a baby moose AND a flag football game that we call, The Hollis Turkey Bowl! For the last several years we’ve encouraged our guests (usually between 20-50 people) to bring a pair of sweats to change into after lunch. We split everyone into two teams and then I pass out my Thanksgiving Jerseys. You know I love a theme and I couldn’t resist so years ago I made these so we could play Pilgrims Vs. Indians. I thought I’d share these free printables with you so you can make your own. Just print out the photos on iron on printer paper and attach them to scrimmage jerseys or t-shirts. A fun Thanksgiving Jersey means that even football-impaired players like me feel like part of the fun! ~Rachel 

thanksgiving activities

Just print the pages below on iron on printer paper to make your own Thanksgiving Jerseys! 

pilgram printable

indian printable