Rachel Hollis Doing Her Eyebrows

So, so, so many of you have been asking me if I would give you an eyebrow tutorial. Honestly, this seems crazy to me because I am not highly skilled in the makeup arena. I will concede that I do have pretty good eyebrows but that’s only because I totally cheat. Several years ago my friend gave me this eyebrow kit and truthfully, I had never once filled in my eyebrows before that moment. Every time I went on a show or did a photoshoot the makeup artist would do it, but I had no idea I should consider for every day life. But then my friend Drew gave me the kit and I realized it was totally genius!


The deal is, it comes with stencils (one for every size eyebrow) and you choose the one that best works for your face. Now that I’ve gone so long filling in my thin little eyebrows, I don’t feel made up until I put them on. Honestly, if someone said I could only do one makeup thing for the rest of my life, it would be brows.

So here is the step by step of how I do it.

Rachel Hollis Eyebrows Tutorial

  1. Use the little brush (comes with the kit) to comb out your eyebrows.
  2. Then hold the stencil over an eyebrow and use the angled brush to fill in your brow. Switch to the other eyebrow. Before you fill it in, look to make sure the angle you’re holding the stencil matches the angle on the brow you just filled in. I’ve accidentally gone at two different angles before and looked like a yin yang symbol. Not cute.
  3. Once both brows have an outline I use the brush to fill in a little more color.
  4.  And that’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy


I know it’s super duper simple, but y’all kept asking and I promised I’d tell you how. The kit comes with all the things you need to create perfect brows and the directions are printed on the inside flap so you’ll always have guidance on hand. Want your own brow kit? Click on the photo below.

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