Baking is so much more fun in December.  While I bake cookies year-round, nothing beats the fun of baking and sharing holiday cookies.

Whether you are baking cookies to leave out for Santa or need to bring a dozen to your office party, I’ve got 12 beautiful cookie recipes that are sure to please.

We all have our favorite cookies (chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles!) that will always be served during the holidays, but I hope you find a couple new ones to add to your collection from this round-up.  It was really difficult narrowing this list down to 12.  There are so many delicious and inventive cookie recipes out there!  Here are my favorite 12- a cookie recipe a day to last you until Christmas!


How adorable are these dark chocolate peppermint meringues by Stephanie of Girl Versus Dough ?!  Too cute.  I wouldn’t mind finding a box of these under the Christmas tree.

img.phpSpeaking of Christmas trees, I love the sprinkle of powdered sugar that looks like snow on these lovely Christmas tree cookies by Ana of Italian Chips.


I’m at a loss for words.  Peppermint patty sandwiched between Ritz crackers and dipped in chocolate. Tonia of The Gunny Sack knows the way to my heart.  I want a dozen of these peppermint patty stuffed Ritz crackers pronto!


Elra of Elra’s Baking makes beautiful springerle cookies.  Springerle are traditional German cookies made using a mold.  They look almost too good to eat.


Tracey of Tracy’s Culinary Adventures takes chocolate cookies to another level with these festive chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies.  Chocolate and peppermint is a holiday essential.

IMG_8764-rv2t-600x300Choo choo!  All aboard the gingerbread train! Francois of Sweet Explorations has a tutorial to teach you how to make this beautiful gingerbread train.


Chocolate crinkle cookies are my family’s favorite!  We order a few dozen at a local bakery each year.  Now I can make them at home thanks to Samantha of SpendwithPennies.


These are not your ordinary gingersnaps. Oh no.  These are BACON FAT gingersnaps by Linda of The Tart Tart.  They look sinful yet oh so delightful!

compilation 2

Gluten-free and no sugar added?!  I’m very intrigued by these almond apple butter cookies by Aubergine of Kitchen Vignettes.

5228527921_35f4dd92cb_bThese chocolate and almond marshmallow sandwich cookies by Kaitlin of Whisk Kid look like so much fun.  They pair wonderfully with a giant mug of hot chocolate!

treessugaredI always decorate sugar cookies and build a family gingerbread house on Christmas eve.  I’m definitely making these dotty winter trees by Bridget of Bake at 350.  Best of all, she has a step by step instructions to help you out!


My favorite cookie of all- the French macaron! These pretty little peppermint macarons are perfect for the brave and adventurous bakers.  Stacey Abel Photography via Studio DIY has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the elusive and ever so popular macarons.