Can you believe that summer is almost over? I swear I feel like it just started. Since I am guessing most of you have been busy taking care of everybody and everything else I thought I would come up with a bucket list for you to do before summer ends. These aren’t crazy things but these will get you out of the house and have you doing something for yourself. If you have the opportunity to do any of these activities then share a pic on social and tag #ChicTribeSummer!


1. Try a new workout! If it’s hard for you to find motivation to work out then try something new. I am a runner at heart but sometimes that can get boring or during the summer it’s too hot for a 6 mile run. So I love getting the chance to try a workout that I might have never done before. You can go to Soul Cycle (which happens to be my fave), a dance class, and if you’re into it…Cross Fit. Grab your partner or best friend and get moving!


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2. Wear the effing two piece!  If you have been needing someone to tell you to wear the bathing suit that you’ve had your eye on this summer then I will be your girl! I am a firm believer in that having confidence is what makes you look good!  It’s time to show off those curves and strut your stuff at the beach or on your next vacay. 

3. Go see the movie! I mean I’m pretty sure you guys have heard by now that we are making a movie and it’s called MADE FOR MORE! It’s a documentary of our annual #RiseWknd women’s conference and it will challenge you, inspire you… and give you a dang good reason to have a girl’s night out! It premieres August 2nd across the U.S and Canada with an encore presentation on August 13th and you can get your tickets HERE. If you want to see what it’s all about then check out our trailer below!

4. Establish your self-care routine! If you haven’t done this for yourself than I am telling you that you need to start! With my crazy travel schedule and other things during the week I love having Sunday to myself. Hello! #SelfCareSunday! I like to go make-up free, enjoy my coffee, do a mask, and just relax before I start the week. Maybe you don’t need a whole day but perhaps you could have an hour to yourself to do something that will make you feel a little bit better.

5. Have a little fun.  Our date nights now include exploring our new city.  Dave and I have been going somewhere new each week because when your town now consists of more distilleries than Starbucks you have to make the most of it. Right?! Even if you don’t have the opportunity to explore something new then go out and just have a great time. Eat all the ice cream, drink all the drinks and have dinner with your best girl friends! Don’t worry if it’s not part of the diet. Just have a great time!