17 years together and we’re still laughing like maniacs and making out like high schoolers and here’s why…

We believe in Consistency. We go out on our weekly date night no matter what, even if we’re both tired or grouchy. We find that the time away from our kids and our company helps us to reconnect and recharge.

We know our values. Businesses define core values so everyone is on the same page — well, why not couples? We decided on our core values as a couple years ago and we revisit every year to make sure we’re still aligned. Want to hear more about it? Check out this episode of our relationship podcast RISE Together.

We are into making out. Tons of it. 😉 And yes, we have a podcast episode on that too. You can listen to it here. 

Also, we reallllyyy like to try new things, experiencing new places through travel has been a big part of our relationship. It started out as two broke kids on a road trip eating at Denny’s and has evolved to our annual vacation where we go without our kids. This year we celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary in Ireland.

Rachel and Dave Hollis Vow Renewal

We talk. And talk and talk and talk. And by “talk” I mean that we’re downright obsessed with communication and making that we’re both being honest and candid about how we’re feeling. This is something that we’ve had to work on a ton over the years but I honestly don’t think we’d be working together and still happily married if we weren’t so committed to it.

We’re also about ENNEAGRAM. See how your numbers pair together for more clarity in… everything. 

Next, eliminate the reason for your arguments. I’ve told you guys before that Dave & I used to fight about cleanliness.. so we sacrificed things in our budget in order to hire a cleaning person. It sounds ridiculous in retrospect but neither of us wanted to clean the toilet and rather than battle over whose turn it was… we just got some help.

Last, remember where it started. We just celebrated 17 years since our very first date and it’s so fun to talk about how far we’ve grown together in that time and how blessed we are to be here today. 

Want to learn more advice on how Dave and I show up for one another? Check out our podcast Rise Together.  One more thought on the marriage, check out this video…