Want to know a secret? I love the days after Christmas and before the new year. The Christmas madness is over, the in-laws have headed home, and I get the opportunity to sit and reflect on the year. What did I accomplish this year? What could I have done better? And my favorite… what will I do this NEXT year to be a better version of myself? This is the time where I really sit down and plan out my goals, my dreams, and my plan of action. I like to write down in my journal all of my resolutions, strategies for accomplishing them, and stock up on the actual tools to help me get there. I’ve curated a list of my 7 purchases that I think will inspire you, motivate you, and get you FIRED UP to make 2019 YOUR YEAR!

  1. Calendar: You can’t OWN this year without keeping your life on track. For me, that means having a big 2019 calendar where I map out all the things: vacations, work trips, birthdays, etc. Whatever is going to fill up your year should be written down, that way you can really be strategic about goal setting and map out the time you’re spending on making your dreams happen. 
  2. Weekly Planner: On the same note, it’s essentials you not only have a high-level vision of what your year looks like but the nitty gritty too. This means having a weekly planner where you can plan out all the small things too like volunteering in your kid’s classroom, dentist appointments, and my favorite – date night. And of course, it helps to get a cute one like this rose gold planner or palm leaf planner.

3. Organization Products: Alright guys, I totally GEEK out on organization products, but I realize that not everyone is as nerdy as me but I think the new year is a great opportunity to clean out your house. I’m a huge fan of getting baskets and containers to organize your pantry or office – that way your items can be cute while hidden. Also, I am a HUGE fan of velvet hangers. My whole family uses them because I really hate hanging things up and then watching them slip off the hangers!

4. Face Masks, Candles, New Bedding Sheets, Slippers: I think it’s amazing how self-care has become so big right now. While you’re planning your new year it’s a great idea to think of stocking up on things that help you unwind. For me, that’s a great face mask, slippers, candles, and my latest purchase has been investing in these great silk pillowcases (these are especially great for my fellow lash extension gals!) 

5. Notebook for all your to-dos: Here’s the deal, I can have a big calendar and weekly planner yet still forget something small like ordering flowers for my friend’s birthday. That’s why I really love carrying around a little journal for my to-do lists like this marble notebook . What I usually do is make a to-do list in the morning for my day and then throughout my day when little things come up I keep it in my bag so I can jot it down on-the-go. Plus, having these matching pens makes me feel more sophisticated. 

6. Supplements, Protein powder, Water bottle, New Workout Gear: If one of your goals this year is to up your health game then you want to set yourself up for success by keeping things stocked like protein powder or carrying around an awesome water bottle.  I love treating myself to new sneakers at the beginning of every year as a way to help me get my butt to the gym! Look good, feel good – right!?


7. Tickets to Made For More: Grab your girl tribe, sweatpants, and favorite snacks or drink and head to the movie that’s going to help you kick start your year. This is more than a documentary. It’s a film packed with tools to help you discover the best version of yourself and empower you to make 2019 YOUR YEAR!