It’s a proven fact –and when I say proven I mean by me, in my own life– that when you look cute (or at least pulled together) during a workout, you work out harder. Hence the idea for this post on workout style!

Back in the day, I’d head to the gym in forty pounds of sweatpants and then get there, look in the mirror and think, what’s the point? Nowadays I make sure I’ve got at least one fun element in my workout style even if everything else I’m wearing is basic. Here are some of my favorite looks and workout essentials based on whatever kind of workout I’m headed to do.

These are my MUST-HAVE workout gear.

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For Running – I’ve told y’all before, long distance running is my favorite workout, in fact, it’s one of the key elements in how I’ve been able to maintain my weight. When I run I absolutely have to run in shorts and my favorite I’ve found are these running shorts from Lululemon. Yes I know their pieces are a bit pricy, in fact, a lot of the things in this post are higher price points… but they’ll also last you forever! I’ve had these running shorts for five years. That’s 8 half marathons and one full marathon and they’re still going strong. One key to my shorts? It has to have a little pocket for my car keys. Something to think about when you go shopping.

My bra? Also, a Lulu piece and the support is unreal. When I first put it on I thought maybe I got a size too small. Then I realized no, that’s actually the coverage I need when I’m running. I can sprint like I’m being chased by a wild animal and everything stays right where it should. My running shoes are called “boost” and maybe it’s just great marketing but I really do feel like they give me a little boost. I dig them because they typically only come in neon colors which is always fun. As a pro tip for any of you who are new to running, get your shoes a half size bigger than you typically wear. This eliminates blisters and the chance of losing toenails if you’re going to train for a long race. 


For Pilates or Yoga – For pilates or yoga it’s all about a great pair of leggings, right? I like something with a bright pop of color. Well, I like the ones with the fun, crazy prints too but these are birthing hips my friends and crazy prints + pear shapes don’t really add up. Also a favorite, a super soft tank like one from Spiritual Gangster.


For Hiking – You’ll notice I’m rocking my running shorts and my favorite sneakers again because those suckers are super versatile. In addition I’m wearing layers. I’ve got a lightweight sports bra… holds you in but not to the crazy level of the running bra. A colored tank top, another bright sweatshirt. If I get hot I can just tie the latter around my waist. To keep the sun away? My favorite ball cap! 

For Cardio Class – I love me some hip hop dance classes you guys. True, I’m pretty terrible at it, but I don’t even care. I shake my booty, I sweat it out, an hour later I’ve gotten in all kinds of fitness points! Those classes can get a little nutty in terms of shaking what your Mama gave you so I make sure I’m covered up with some good leggings. A great pair of black leggings is really versatile for all your outfits and choosing one with a fun detail like these adds a pop to your workout style.