Whether you’ve been together for three weeks or nineteen years like Dave and I, it can be easy to fall into a rut on date night. Life can get you just so busy that you honestly forget to make it priority. Other times you find yourself going to the same place every single time, which can start to feel like you’re trapped in a rut. For us, date night is sacrosanct. We have one at least, once a week. Sometimes it’s simple (a quick drink and appetizers at a restaurant near by) and then sometimes it’s elaborate (an event or party!). But whatever it is, we make sure that we make the time. It’s why we’re still so in love after all these years. It’s why we have so much fun and laugh so often. Trust me, it’s an incredible way to keep joy alive in your relationship and here are some of my favorite date night ideas. 

1 // Make a Creative Date Night Jar – Fill a jar with fun date night ideas and pull them out to decide where you’ll go each week. You can see how we made ours here

2 // Trade Off Who Gets To Pick – Dave and I like to switch back and forth on who gets to choose what we’re doing for our date. One week he might choose mini golf or an action movie. Another week I might choose a cool new sushi restaurant I heard about. By keeping it a surprise it makes the night feel fun and exciting.

3 // Keep a Date Passport – Keep a little journal like these we made filled with date night ideas of the places you want to try in your town. Restaurants, activities, bars etc will be just a few pages away when you feel stumped about where to go next. This makes a really sweet gift to give your love.

4 // Make a New Recipe Together – Cooking together can be so much fun… and also, kind of sexy. Not a skilled chef? Order takeout and whip up one of our famous desserts.

5 // Take a Class Together – Painting, ceramics, first time homebuyers course, cooking, etc. Book a workshop and learn something new as a team.

6 // Volunteer As a Duo – There are so many incredible opportunities to volunteer no matter where you live. Consider a couple of hours doing random acts of kindness or check with your church to get some ideas on local charities that you can help out at. 

7 // Attend a Conference – Okay, yes I know that you can’t exactly do this in one night but conferences are something that Dave and I commit to doing and our marriage is better for it! Do you run a business? Or maybe your partner does? Attend one of our RISE business conferences together

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