One of my favorite things in life is ultra-soft, super comfortable loungewear. It’s true. I was a homebody long before quarantine and when faced with the choice to buy something to wear out in the world or to relax in at home I will choose the “at home” option every time. Since quarantine began six weeks ago I’ve slowly started adding to my collection because if ever there was a time to live it up in at-home comfort, it’s now! Here are my loungewear must-haves:

  1. It must be soft
  2. It must be comfortable but still make me feel stylish
  3. It must be thick enough material to cover up what’s going on up top – it’s important for me to add that in because lots of companies have really darling loungey things but they’re ultra thin. Ultra-thin works beautifully if you don’t have children and can, therefore, run around with your nipples shining through your top but that’s not an option for me over here. So just know that if I’m recommending something it passes the “nip test”

Here’s a collection of some of my old and new favorites!


Top Gun onesie? That’s for sure not what this style is called but that’s what I think of when I put it on! 

I’ve been wearing this one all around the house and I dig it because it’s A: soft B: it makes me look like a fighter pilot and C: it’s thick enough to cover up top but also has a bit of a deep V which feels sort of sassy. 

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Did any of y’all grow up with a mom or grandma or auntie who wore a muumuu? Or maybe you called it a “housecoat”? That’s what the women in my family called them though I have no idea why. Those thin, bulky ensembles that usually had a crazy print were the very opposite of a coat, but I digress. I went on a hunt several weeks ago for what muumuus existed in the world today and I came across this dream maker from Dwell and Slumber

Here’s what you need to know — this thing is a dream! It’s big and roomie and the material is like a cloud! Is it supposed to actually be for a pregnant or nursing mother? Yes, I think it might be but I could not care less! It’s the perfect thing to wear to lounge and after you get out of the shower to put your makeup on. 

Dwell + Slumber calls these Caftan Dresses and they sell them in tons of great colors, prints and sizes. You can shop with this small, mama-owned business by checking out their website HERE.


This quarantine loungewear outfit is basically my husband’s nightmare. It’s big and weirdly shaped and I look a little like an Oompa Loompa but it’s truly perfect as a pool cover-up. I’ve been putting it on over my bathing suit to go to and from our pool or to grill post-swim and since it’s so lightweight it’s perfect for a humid Texas afternoon! Also, it comes in a really pretty pink too!

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YOU GUYS… have you ever tried on the Spanx bra?? Now wait a minute, hear me out. I know that lounge life should be bra-less life, but if you have to wear a bra I promise you that Spanx Bra-Llelujah is the most comfortable one you’ll ever put on. I actually first heard about this product while watching Sara Blakely’s Masterclass (which is sooooo good by the way) and I was like “well dang, I want to try out that bra that’s made of pantyhose material so it’s super comfy!” And I did! I got myself the Bra-llelujah unlined bralette (yes they have a real bra too but I was looking for comfort) and it’s magic and so I have to include it in this post for you guys! 

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OK, I live for a good kimono, robe situation — please see all the pics for confirmation of this truth! My entire collection is something I’ve added to over time so I can’t link out to exactly what I own but I can show you some of my favorites that I’d like to add next if you’re looking to add a little color and life to your closet. 

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Alright friends, I hope you liked all my ideas for quarantine loungewear. If you end up getting anything for yourself please do a fashion show and tag me on Instagram so I can see what you decided to buy!!