At the beginning of this, I was way guilty of letting my days all blur together. I’ve got the hang of it now and especially when it comes to Friday and the weekend, nobody is going to stop me from remembering that it’s here! Something we have found to be helpful for us during this quarantine is differentiating our days – whether that’s knowing you have long walks on Monday, Facetime calls with your family on Tuesday, etc. etc., find a way that makes each day different from the next. Especially your Saturday and Sunday if you are able. 

Weekends are not only my opportunity to spend quality time with my husband and kids, but also prep for the week ahead. Sure, I could spend all my time lying on my couch watching TV, but I care just as much about my habits on the weekend as I do during the week. I know that in order to feel organized going into the week, I need to get things done during the weekend (catch more of my tips on organization in the #NEXT90CHALLENGE – we focused on it for an entire week!). Things look a bit different during quarantine, but I wanted to show you guys what a typical Saturday for me looks like now! Check out the video at the end for a closer look into a typical Saturday. 


Regardless of whether or not you have kids, keep your space clean. I strongly believe that if your things are chaotic, you’ll feel chaotic. Here are some of my favorite containers for organization:


Yes, it’s the weekend. Yes, I’m prioritizing rest. But I am still moving my body for 30 minutes. Every single day. I’m not saying you have to go all extreme Hulk workout for seven days a week. But every day. You move your body for 30 minutes. I always loved having our home gym, but man, I’m SO thankful for it now! 


While also wrangling the kids (sure, a chocolate bunny filled with milk sounds like a great idea), I find time to shower, prepare lunch for the kids, make our grocery list and run to the store. I would usually go somewhere to get my nails done because I’m terrible at doing my own nails, but I’ve found a few products to really help if you’re trying to give yourself a mani pedi at home. The Instant Cuticle Remover is a game-changer and gives my at-home manis a touch of salon pizzazz.  


By this point, it’s time to start prepping dinner. I used a friend’s recipe to make a DELICIOUS recipe of beans (don’t be fooled. They’re so good) and Dave made steaks on the grill. Here are a few of the utensils and serving dishes we used along with ones similar to what we use! 

I hate waking up to a mess, so I’ve made a habit of cleaning up as I go. I finish cleaning the dishes and my final task for the night is switching out our message board in the kitchen. We write a different message every week, keeping things light and fun. It’s a great, inexpensive way to leave your kids uplifting messages, too! 

I encourage you guys to establish a routine on the weekend that leaves you filled up and prepared for the week ahead!