How are you showing up daily? I recognize that everyday I’m not going to hit the ball out of the park. As much as I sometimes wish I was a robot that could do fifty things at once, I’m only human!! I have days where I’m off and days I’m super productive. That’s life, my friend. Since I’m aware not every day I’m going to feel 100%, I have several things that I do daily, without fail. These choices I make help me to show up the best I can. 

Here’s a glimpse into decisions I make daily to be my best self:

1. Make my bed

Don’t laugh – I like to start my day out with a win, as simple as it is to make your bed. But that’s exactly it. It’s simple and you can start your day easily by doing something productive. Admiral H. McRaven famously said if you want to change your life, make your bed. I agree!! 

2. Drink water. Lots and lots of it. 

My solution to forgetting to drink water or not drinking enough? CHUGGGG. Yep, like we’re back in college. Except this time it’s with water. Here are some tips for drinking more water! And yes, you will have to go to the bathroom a lot. That’s part of it. 

3. Write down my gratitude 

This is a foundation and staple for my life. I use my Start Today journal every single day, y’all. The act of writing down your gratitude every day has power. Grab your Start Today journal and if you don’t have one, that’s ok too! Make your own! But whatever you do, turn this into a habit you do without fail, every day. It makes more of a difference than you’d expect. 

4. Eat the stupid salad

Every freakin’ day, y’all. Eat the dang salad. Doesn’t matter if you feel like it, do it because it is good for you. This Meditteranean salad is perfect for summertime.

5. Move my body

No exceptions. You don’t have to go all out, Hulk-like seven days a week. But work movement into your routines, y’all. A peaceful walk Saturday morning, a game of hide-n-seek with your family on Sunday, whatever it is, make it FUN for you! You’re more likely to enjoy it if it’s something you love. And speaking of fitness and fun, you’re not gonna want to miss our RISE app coming so soon. Sign up here for all the details

6. Quality time with my family

Being an exceptional wife and mom takes effort and work. Of course, it’s work I love to do, but it is not without effort. I intentionally set time aside every day to ensure I’m giving my kids and Dave the love and attention they deserve. 

7. Push myself 

I work to better myself daily. Whether that’s by going one more mile in a run, reading a book that strengthens my leadership skills, or even trying a task that seems intimidating, I am constantly looking for ways to grow. Push yourself and see what comes of it! Don’t let fear stop you.