Get your hearts ready y’all, it’s time for our Last 90 Days Challenge!!

Last 90 Days started as a personal goal… I wanted to hold myself accountable and end the year strong, instead of how I would typically end it: having spent the holidays eating terribly, drinking too much, breaking down on goals and losing all personal momentum in the holiday rush. What started as the intention to give myself some new habits became a group project when my online community (that’s you guys) heard my plan and wanted to join in. Last 90 Days is still one of the biggest catalysts in our community for putting energy into your life, joy into your heart and establishing the habits to start the new year in the best state you’ve ever been! Whether you join in on day one or don’t discover it until December, you’re welcome to start up at any time.

So what is Last 90 Days challenge all about?

The challenge itself is simple… commit to these five great daily habits and do it consistently for the next 3 months. Commit to trying your best. Commit to going again when you fall off course. Commit to keeping the promises you make to yourself. Commit to ending the year STRONG.

There are two ways to join in…

To join in for the free challenge you can go over to this page.

To get the elevated and upgraded experience inside the RISE app you can go to the Apple Store here or get it on Google Play Here.