Let’s get the party started!

Throwing a warm-weathered celebration in the coming months? With Graduation parties, Father’s Day and even 4th of July around the corner, we’ve got one of our favorite low-maintenance party tips – Ready-Made Cocktails!

These pre-made and jarred cocktails are the BEST way to impress your guests. Every guest loves some choices, so why not start with drinks? Also, this cocktail display cuts out the hassle of mixing those cocktails throughout the party. With this cooler ready to go, guests can pick up a cocktail, give it a shake, and vuala! It’s party time!

choices, choices

choices, choices

For our Ready-Made Cocktails, we went with a Pink Lady Gin and a Lemon Drop.


Pink Lady Gin

(Servings – 10 Drinks)

15 ounces gin
5 cups lemonade
10 to taste cranberry juice (a splash, or may use a dash of grenadine)
20 teaspoons heavy cream

Lemon Cocktail

We have 3 great options for this one

1. Boozy Cucumber Mint Lemonade

2. Classic Lemon Drop

3. Sparkling Lavender Lemonade (non-alcoholic)

IMG_6861 2



Mixed Drinks

Mason Jars (small)

Galvanized Bin



Large Circle Punch



After you know what your cocktails or drinks will be, it’s time to make some labels for the lids. I used this Marvy Uchida hole punch. I printed some labels and “eye-balled” while punching out the labels. It’s not the most fool-proof method, but it still works. To make it even simpler, hand write the labels so formatting is not an issue.

Party time!

All dressed up…

Once you’ve got your labels made, place them inside the lid.


Ready Freddy!

Throw your drinks on ice and you’re party ready.



Make sure to have some straws handy for your guests at a near by table.

Bring on the BBQ

Bring on the BBQ