Am I the only one who’s in love with paint samples?? They make me so happy… they’re so vibrant and joyful and when you see a wall full of them at the hardware store it’s a moment filled with possibilities.

Maybe you’ll paint your living room bright red… Maybe you’ll finally makeover your kitchen… all those color choices practically beg you to reinvent your room, your house, even your life… And also, they’re a free crafting supply.

Ok, so maybe, technically, you’re not supposed to go swipe a bunch of them at once but I’ve found that if you’re already buying the paint, the workers don’t seem to mind if you snag a few (hundred) extra samples to make this fun garland for your next party or to decorate the room you’re painting 😉

Cut It Out

I’d suggest starting with a collection of similar hues… this works out well since those paint samples already come with the whole ombre thing in full affect. Use different size paper cutters to cut out shapes… in this case, I did circles.

Hole Punch

Next use a small hole punch to cut out two holes in the top of each colorful circle.

One and Two

Next use string (I used kitchen twine) to hang them all together.


You can hang your circles in a pattern, or make it totally random… just make sure each circle is equal distance apart.

Big, Little, Little

Gorgeous Garland

Now you’ve got a festive accessory for your newly painted room or upcoming party!

Up in the Air