planting succulents
let them thrive

I thought it would be fun to share a of couple tips I recently learned from my mom on how to keep house plants, specifically succulents, that are planted in non-drainage containers thriving.

I’m a big fan of bringing the outdoors in.  I love decorating with fresh flowers and house plants.  I especially like succulents.  Unfortunately, I tend to have a brown thumb instead of a green one.  My mom, however, has twenty green thumbs!

While succulents are super trendy right now, I like them because they provide the perfect opportunity to use the vintage jars and bowls I’ve been hoarding collecting for years.

planting succulents
vintage meets modern

The only issue is with no drainage holes, keeping them alive and thriving was kind of a problem.  Even if I only watered them when they were dry, my succulents would end up dying from over watering or root rot.  Thanks to my mom the problem is solved.

Tip #1: Use Activated Filter Carbon

planting in non drainage containers
visit the pet store?

Activated filter carbon is made to use in aquariums.  You want the granule kind, not powder.  You’ll find it at your local pet store.   It is perfect for planting in non-drainage containers as it basically keeps the roots from rotting by removing organic waste and filtering the water and air.  Who knew right?!

Tip #2: Create Layers For Drainage

planting tip
layers, layers, layers

Start with the activated filter carbon, then layer on some sand, then some moss, then some rocks/marbles/glass pebbles/whatever you like, then your potting soil to create multiple layers for good drainage in your non-draining container.

It’s so easy, a kid could do it.

kids project
even a kid can do it

My son had fun making this for his desk.

kids desk
cool kids plant succulents

Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know I needed to hit up the pet store to keep my plants living and thriving in non-drainage containers.  I swear it’s been such a game changer for the little green babies around my home!  Do you hoard vintage glass containers like I do?  Are you a fan of succulents?  Snap a pic of your succulents and show us on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #TheChic.