Yesterday marked the first day of autumn.  It’s still warm here in Southern California, but I can’t wait for fall weather to finally kick in.  In preparation for my favorite time of the year, here is a round-up of desserts and drinks to get you in the fall spirit!


Cinnamon buns are a must in the cooler months.  You can eat them anytime of day, from breakfast to midnight snack.  Nicole of Culinary Cool steps up these classic baked goods with her cinnamon buns with maple coffee glaze.


Every year people wait for Starbucks to release their popular PSL.  Why wait, when you can make it home?  This homemade pumpkin spice latte prepared by Jessica of Portuguese Girl Cooks looks way better than anything you could get at coffee shops.


Is there anything more synonymous with autumn than apple pie?  No!  Here are individual mini portions of the beloved dessert- apple pie bites by our very own Rachel.


This dessert rolls all my favorites into one!  I bet these caramel pecan shortbread pie bars by Natasha of Butter Baking smell great coming out of the oven.


I’ve never put pumpkin puree in a drink before, but after seeing this pumpkin and apple cider fizz by Brandon of Kitchen Konfidence, its on my to-do list.


Every year I go apple picking with my family.  Afterwards, we stop at a nearby bakery to pick up apple cider doughnuts.  Try this version of baked apple cider doughnuts by Jess of On Sugar Mountain.


The quintessential Thanksgiving dessert (yes, I’m always thinking ahead), pumpkin pie!  There are numerous versions of this popular pie out there, but the pumpkin pie by Shawn of I Wash You Dry caught my eye.  It’s so perfect and pretty!


As a whiskey fan, I am in awe of this gorgeous cocktail by Josie of Daydreamer Desserts.  Her fabulous cocktail aptly named  Autumn Ash has fall colors written all over it.


Who doesn’t love fudge? It’s like eating frosting you can pick up with your hands.  I definitely want to make a batch of this maple walnut fudge by Cate of Girl Cooks World.


I always save the best for last.  This pumpkin spiced croquembouche on a caramel mud cake with honey butter cream by Belinda of The Moonblush Baker is by far one of the prettiest autumn desserts I’ve ever seen.  Everything about it is perfect, from the delicate drips of caramel to the even cake layers.  Don’t let the long name scare you, a dish that looks that good needs a hefty title.

Happy Autumn!  What are you excited for this season?   Share with us below in the comments section or upload a picture onto Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TheChic.