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I’ve always been a huge fan of succulents. They’re gorgeous, and chic and, if I’m being honest, one of few plants I can keep alive! In my latest floral lesson from Lisa at Ixora she taught me how to make a succulent wreath, which is actually a lot easier than you’d think. The only caveat to this project is that it will take your succulents about a month to grow roots deep enough to hold tight to this wreath which is why we’re showing you now.

If you make it now, it’ll be ready in time to hang on your door for holidays or to give as Christmas gifts.

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What You’ll Need

1 x 18″ Wire Wreath Frame (we used a 12″ in the photo, but an 18″ would have been better given the size of these succulents)

18 Gauge Paddle Floral Wire

8 Succulents (about the size of a softball)

Mood Moss or Sheet Moss

Ribbon – To Hang

Craft Wire Cutters – Scissors work too, but wire cutters are quicker

Succulent Wreath 4 - TheChicSite

Start by lining your wreath frame with moss. Insert clumps of the moss (the brown side will be facing the front of the wreath) and use your paddle wire to wind it around and hold it in place. Continue until the whole wreath is lined with moss.

Succulent Wreath 5 - TheChicSite

Now you need to prep the individual succulents. Remove them from the pot and wipe off dirt to expose the root ball. Snip off a piece of wire about 5″ long and insert it through the base of the root ball (picture 3).

Succulent Wreath 7 - TheChicSite

Now use the wire to tie the the succulent to the wreath frame. The wire will twist and hold the succulents in place and you can hid the ends on the back of the wreath.

Succulent Wreath 6 - TheChicSite

Continue adding succulents around the base of the wreath (facing forward) leaving a little room in between each. Remember these will continue to grow so you want to give them a little room.

Succulent Wreath 9- TheChicSite

You can also add littler clippings to the wreath, they’ll eventually sprout roots and grow, just use a piece of wire to hold them in place.

Succulent Wreath 10 -TheChicSite

The little clippings also add some fun dimension.

Succulent Wreath 2 - TheChicSite

Succulent Wreath - TheChicSite

Once all your succulents have been added, place somewhere in the shade that still gets plenty of daylight. Every other week use a spray bottle to dampen the moss only. After about a month you can hang your wreath with a piece of ribbon and the succulents will be rooted into place.

Chic Tip: Consider making a bunch of these and giving them away as holiday gifts, or presents for your kid’s teachers!

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