Halloween costumes are all in the chic little details. One year I was The Little Mermaid complete with sprayed red hair and a moving fin as I walked. Another year my mom created a full on Pippi Longstocking look with a hanger through my braids to make them stand out. A lot of prep and time went in to my elaborate costumes.

Today, Halloween usually creeps up on me and the morning of I’m scrambling for creative ideas. So much to my excitement and with one day to spare (yeah!) I’ve rounded up 12 last minute costumes that you can pull together in no time.  So grab your black eyeliner, raid the lawn or your fridge (really!) and let’s get to work! ~Brandee

Festive DIY Headbands 


Cherry On Top: Hot glue cherries onto a thick headband. Pair with an all black top, jeans and flats and a swipe of red lipstick if you like. Have extra time? Paint your nails red too.


Gone Batty: Grab a thick headband, wire and scissors. Black winged eyeliner would complete this simple but chic look.


Flap Around: Swing by a craft store and grab a feather to attach to a sparkly headband. Complete the look with a simple black dress and a bold lip color. If you have 1 minute to spare, toss on ample amounts of gold jewelry.


All That Glitters: Construction paper, glitter and a thin headband make a perfect unicorn horn. Allow 10 minutes to dry to avoid getting glue in your hair! Wear a brightly colored top or colorful jeans because, that’s what a unicorn would wear, right?

Quick Costume Makeup


Twiggy: Make the perfect lashed-out look with severe white and black eyeliner. Pair with flared jeans and a colorblock sweater. Complete the look with a nude or matte lip. Quick tip for pictures…grin, don’t smile. So Twiggy!


Spider Web: Black eyeliner and a smokey shadow create this chic, creepy crawler look. Draw 10 lines coming out of your eye and connect the web with one inch lines. Add a black long sleeve tee, black jeans and heels. Done!


Darling Deer: Black and white eyeliner create the eye details and bronzer completes the look. Go heavy handed with the bronzer to make the pigment bolder. Attach two small twigs in hair with pins or under a headband like shown here. Then just stand there and look adorable.


Scarecrow: You are 4 items away from the cutest scarecrow. Gather a plaid shirt, straw beach hat, black eyeliner and coral lipstick to create this last minute costume. Have room to spare in your shirt? Stuff with hay or straw for a little extra crow-like touch.

Halloween Inspired Hair 


A Feisty Frida: Part hair in the middle and create two braids. Attach the ends of braids at the top of your head and add flowers, fresh or fake. Connect your eyebrows with liner and swipe on a few coats of bright red lipstick. Add a festive top and big earrings! So Kahlo!


Medusa: Who knew dollar store rubber snakes could be so…chic? Create a complicated updo of your choice (the messier the better!) and weave rubber snakes into your locks. If you don’t have time for intricate braids, toss your hair in a messy bun and start from there.


Flower Child: Raid your closet for your most boho-inspired top. Loosely curl hair and keep makeup natural. Better yet, go bare-faced! Grab a handful of flowers (with long stems if possible) from your yard and make a flower halo by tying the stems together.


Lovely Lion: Don’t fight your frizz and turn it into an easy (dare I say fierce?) lioness look. Tease and spray to help it lock in place. Add a nose, whiskers and exaggerated cat eye all in one with black eyeliner.