Drinking coffee is a ritual for most of us, and there’s often a great deal involved in the process. Whether you brew your coffee in a traditional coffee pot, use a french press, or make a single cup at a time with a Keurig machine there’s often a number of necessary items needed to get your perfect morning-wake-up-call-in-a-cup just right.


This ritual often happens with sleepy eyes and bed head (at least that’s how it happens in my house), so it’s nice to get started with a beautifully organized set-up.  In my personal opinion, nothing says “good morning” like a great coffee station.


So let’s talk about coffee station essentials!

1. The tray –  A tray is so key people.  What is it about a tray that instantly makes a group of separate items look cohesive and organized?  It’s sort of magical.  A tray definitely helps to keep all the stuff you need to make your coffee from looking cluttered.

2. Canisters – Corralling them on a tray rather than keeping them tucked into a cabinet makes your morning ritual simpler and frees up cabinet space.  Look for ones that have an airtight seal to keep your coffee grounds and sugar fresh. 

3. Tins/Boxes – This is sort of an optional essential depending on your preferences.  If you keep packets of sugar or tea bags, vintage tins or boxes are perfect for storing them in a pretty way but keeping them within reach.  And having a lid on a box or tin means having a place to stack something which makes really good use of your tray square footage.


4. Teapot/Creamer –  While a teapot is great for tea (obviously), I love to fill a teapot with creamer when entertaining because typically a regular creamer never holds enough cream for my peeps.  And even if on the daily  you like to grab your milk/creamer from the fridge keeping a decorative creamer/ teapot on your coffee station is still, in my opinion, a necessity.  For the everyday, use it as a vase or decorative addition, so that when you want to use it for its intended purpose you won’t have to to hunt around your kitchen to find it.


5. K-cup Holder –  This is another optional essential.  If you have one of those single cup brewers for every day use like I do keeping your cups out on your station makes selecting a flavor and making a cup so much easier than shuffling through a cabinet.  I like to use unorthodox items for accessible storage.  I’m currently using a ceramic egg crate to house a few cups, but I’ve also been known to use antique bowls and glass trifles dishes.  Storage can function and still be pretty, so think outside the box a little when selecting what to use to hold items that are out on display.

6. A spoon rest –  I have a thing for spoon rests.  It’s kind of a problem.  I’ve been known to use vintage tea cup saucers and small salad plates in place of a traditional spoon rest.

7. Artwork –   Your coffee station is probably one of the very first things you see in the morning, so why not be greeted by beauty.  Find something special or meaningful to you  – it can be a plate, something your child made for you, or your favorite quote.  Having a piece of art by your coffee station marries function and form, and I promise it will make your sleep deprived eyes sparkle in the morning.

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