Moss Monogram 7 - TheChicSiteWhen I went to the craft store yesterday it was with the intention to buy something to make a fall themed wreath for our front door that would carry me from Halloween through the end of November. Unfortunately, everything I was looking at felt just a little cheesy to me. I didn’t want pumpkins or overly bright leaves or faux amber waves of grain, I want something a little more, well, chic. When I happened upon wooden letter cutouts I thought of this idea… covering a monogram (mine is an H, obviously) with something and hanging it from the front door instead of a wreath. It turned out so darling, I think I may just keep it up year round!

Moss Monogram - TheChicSite

You’ll Need

A Wooden Letter Cutout – I got mine at Michaels for $5 just make sure yours is light weight

2 Bags of Moss – I used both mood moss and sheet moss for some variation in texture and color

Glue Gun / Glue

Ribbon to Hang it

I also used a little packing tape to attach the ribbon to the back of the letter

Moss Monogram 2 - TheChicSite

Use your glue to attach the moss to the letter, making sure to cover every square inch (some moss will hang over the edges). Alternate the moss in patches so it feels textural and fun. Use more than you think you need, the only way to mess this thing up is to allow some of the letter to peek through so moss this baby up like the forest floor!

Moss Monogram 3 - TheChicSite

A quick note on not burning your finger prints off… use an implement (I used a straw) to poke the moss down into the hot glue thus eliminating any burn wounds.

Moss Monogram 4 - TheChicSite

I cut a long length of ribbon (about a yard) and tied the middle in a bow and then attached the to ribbon ends to the back with tape. Because the letter and the moss are so light it worked just fine. You could also loop your ribbon around your letter if it’s more accommodating than an H.

Moss Monogram 5 - TheChicSite


Moss Monogram 6 - TheChicSite

If you do end up making your own mossy monogram please snap a pic and tag it #TheChic on any social media so we can see too! ~Rachel

Moss Monogram 8 - TheChicSite