DIY Wine Charm, Red, Silver, Turqoise

Tis the season to start dreaming up hostess gifts and stocking stuffers! Last weekend I was headed to a girl’s weekend and I made everyone wine charms, which, as you all know, is a necessity when faced with so many wine glasses in one space. Like with most posts in my life, I was half way through these before I thought “oh, shoot, these are cute, I should put them on the site!”. They’re ideal because you can choose colors and textures that match the recipients personality and they’re SO easy to make. Honestly, my six year old made two whole sets by himself!

DIY Wine Charms 2 - TheChicSite


Here’s What You’ll Need

– Hoop Earrings – Most crafts stores have a jewelry section and they have these light weight “earrings” that work perfectly as wine charms AND come in a four pack!

– Beads – I chose colors and styles based on each friend

– Charms – Monograms, etc are cute just make sure each charm is different so people can tell their drinks apart

– Boxes – While you’re at the craft store pick up colorful little boxes to package these beauties in.

– Pliers – you’ll need a little help straightening the wire of the earrings and bending it back. In a pinch, I bet tweezers would work too.

turn earrings into wine charms


The earrings I used had a hole at one end and a bent in that fed through that hole and held it in place. In order to slide the beads on easily you need to straighten the bent in first.

diy red wine charm


Now add the beads. When you’re halfway around the ring, add your charm and fill up the rest leaving 1/4 inch of wire that you can bend back. If when you bend the wire back into position it breaks off, don’t worry! Just remove a couple of beads and bend the wire into the same shape as the old end. No harm, no foul.

wine charms as gifts


Another quick note, the small beads turned out so pretty but they took about 90 times as long as the large beads. Just something to consider!

turqoise gifts, wine charms, diy


Package all four wine charms in the cute little boxes you have and you’re ready to give the gift or organized wine drinking!

make your own red wine charm


Chic Tip: Consider making a bunch of these now so you’ve got hostess gifts ready to go when you’re invited to a holiday party! ~Rachel