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Admittedly, I’m kind of weirdo when it comes to the organization of my computer desktop. It freaks me out when people have 9,000 files open and in no particular order (Dave Hollis, I’m looking directly at you!). I like to have everything right where I can find it.

A couple of months ago I made a desktop image on Photoshop so I could drag the folders into different areas to keep track of it all. I thought maybe some of you might like the idea too… the categories are “Images, “Inspiration”, “To Do” and “Work in Progress”. So go ahead and download this freebie and use it as your desktop wallpaper. Being organized is chic!

FREE chic wallpaper for computer

Click on the Photo Below. When it pops um, right click and save as a photo. Then Right click on your computer desktop and save that image as your wallpaper. Enjoy! ~Rachel

PS – If you end up using the wallpaper, would you snap a pic and tag it on social media as #TheChic so we can see too??

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