There’s something special about a handmade ornament.  Whether you participate in an ornament exchange, give them as gifts or use them on your own tree, this cute little diy antler ornament will bring out the cabin-woodsy-meets-preppy-chic lover in you!


The Supplies:

Cinnamon Sticks

Card Stock

Fabric Scraps


Metallic Gold Paint *optional*

Pipe Cleaners

antler ornament tutorial

Start by creating your branch antlers.  I just gathered some fallen branches from my backyard and broke them into pieces to create little antlers.  I used a hot glue gun to help create the “antler” look.  (Tip – Grab an old cookie sheet when crafting to protect your table.  It’s super easy to clean when you’re done.)

antler ornament tutorial

Next – and this step is completely optional – paint the branch-lers gold.

antler ornament tutorial

While the paint is drying, hot glue your cinnamon sticks together to use as a platform for mounting your branch antlers.  If you use the small sized sticks you won’t have to cut them down at all; but I used the longer,thicker cinnamon sticks, so I cut mine down.  A hand saw cuts them easily and quickly.  These are about 4 inches wide.

antler ornament tutorial

Next free hand draw some shields on card stock and cut them out.  They don’t need to be perfect because you’re going to cover them with fabric.

antler ornament tutorial

Use the card stock shield as a template to cut out your fabric shields.  Then hot glue the fabric to the card stock.


Lastly, hot glue your branch antlers to your shield and layer it onto your cinnamon stick base.  Grab a pipe cleaner to make an ornament hanger and hot glue it to the back.  These handmade ornaments are so sweet and simple, and they smell so so great too!  I just love a good faux antler project, especially around the holidays!

If you decide to make these diy branch antler ornaments we’d love to see them!  Show us on twitter and instagram with hashtag #TheChic.