Coconut Oil VT

When I find something that helps me accomplish more than a few things at the same time, I’m interested.

If it actually works, I’m hooked.

I use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover everyday. If my mascara has traveled south midday, I take a Q-tip, dab it in the oil, dab the excess on the back of my hand and then run the Q-tip under my eyes. At the end of the night, I take a little bit of toilet paper, (if I’ve remembered to pick up makeup remover pads at the store I use those, but let’s be honest it’s TP) and rub a dime sized amount over my eyes. Just a few swipes and it’s done.

Not only does it completely remove my eye makeup, it acts as a wonderful moisturizer for under my eyes. Give it a try and let me know what you think! ~Brandee