So many people will set up beautiful bars for their holiday party, but not everyone thinks about this sort of “bar”. Warm up your best cocoa and include all your favorite toppings so guests can build their own version. Read on to see how I did it! ~Rachel

For this bar I started with a small chest of drawers from my office… it’s worn and faded, but it worked out just fine for my shabby chic display. I added a natural runner lined with red and then accessorized with matching towels and a little DIY signage from my entryway.

Hot Cocoa Bar Accessories

There’s no such thing as too many toppings in this bar! I used a bunch of different bowls and mugs and filled them with cinnamon sticks, carmel bites, marshmallows (in three sizes and flavors), candy canes, whipped cream, and peppermint. Remember to think “up”… adding layers and different heights will make your set up look more appealing.


A beautiful backdrop really adds something great and makes your whole bar so much prettier! I used a wreath and a matching mini tree from Pier One to set the stage.



Don’t be afraid to mix and match your containers… as long as they all match the colors you’ve chosen, they’ll look great.


The hot cocoa is served in a dispenser and propped up with a cool vintage-looking lunch box.


Use the empty drawers of your furniture to store your mugs, extra towels and even toppings!


A little cocoa, a little help from Pier One, and a whole lot of shopping around my own house, and I created a fun little vignette for the holiday party!

Do you set up your own bar during the holidays or do you serve drinks yourself? I’d love to hear how you approach the hosting of cocktails. Share your thoughts below ~Rachel