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When we were wandering around the Christmas Tree Lot this weekend I noticed these little wood pieces all over the ground. They’re the ends of the tree trunks that they trim to make the tree the right height for customers but from where I was standing… they sure looked an awful lot like a craft project to me!

Recycled Christmas Tree Craft

Each piece was small and round and it already had a hole in the center. At first I thought they might make cool woodsy ornaments but then I decided to turn them into a garland. I already had the supplies at home so this project was absolutely free!

You’ll Need

– Wooden Pieces – Figure out what you want to write on them and then get double that amount just in case

– Stencils

– Black Sharpie, or black paint if you’re feeling extra crafty

– Black Ribbon – several feet long

wooden ornaments, up cycled holiday

Once you lay out the wooden pieces you can swap some in and out until you get a look you really like. I suggest mixing and matching big and little and various shades of color.

wooden garland recycled

Use your stencil to trace each letter and then fill it in with black ink.

stencils, wood circles, recycled holiday

Once you’ve finished with the stencils, use a ribbon to string them all up. Please be mindful that you’ll need to tie the ribbon in a little knot at the top of each disc or they won’t stay in place on your garland.

Merry and Bright, DIY, Garland

Once you’ve strung them all up, you’re ready to hang them… please be mindful, these are a little heavy so make sure they’re properly anchored wherever you put them!

wooden garland on mantle