Kids ResolutionsI once gave up chocolate for the entire year. I admit, it was pretty miserable, especially in the beginning. And particularly during every wedding/party/nice dinner I attended… but believe it or not, after a while, I just stopped craving it.

At the end of that year, I remember feeling so victorious. I had done it!! The sense of accomplishment was huge. And to think, all that, over just a little candy!

When you think of resolutions, it’s easy to dismiss them as trite, cheesy, or not worth your time. But some really are actually worth doing. Honestly, what’s nobler than striving to be better than you are today? I’m convinced this is why reality weight-loss shows do so well…as the contestant’s pounds begin to melt off, you cheer along with them, convinced that it could be you. Becoming the best version of yourself…that’s a goal we can all relate to.

Plus, if you’re a parent, the reward is two-fold. Not only are you doing something amazing for yourself, you’re also setting a terrific example for those little eyes that are always watching. Whether it’s losing 10 pounds, reading a book a month, cooking healthier recipes, or making time to volunteer.. I guarantee all of these things make an impression on your little one.

To make it a little easier, I created a list of resolutions you can do together! Nothing like a little accountability to help you follow through! (Be sure to check out the printable your kids can fill out to get those creative juices flowing). Enjoy! ~Jenny

Download kid’s printable here!