diy girl wrapping paperI’m more than a little enamored with gift wrap.

I’ve wrapped things with vintage maps and I’ve wrapped things in string so when I found these itty bitty paper pom poms I immediately thought how can I use this on a present?!

My answer? Turn it into a lollipop!

lollipop how toYou’ll Need:

Pom Pom Tissue Balls

Wrapping Paper in Coordinating Shades

Lollipop Sitcks

Clear Glue

Plastic – I cut up a ziploc bag but if you don’t have time to add the plastic it’ll still be cute


Gift Tag


First, use your glue to attach your lollipop stick to the top of your wrapped gift. You could do it in the center, at an angle, or off to one side.

lollipop presents, candyland partyNext, open your pom pom 180 degrees (so on the top is a pom and the bottom is flat… sort of like a bio-dome) and glue down the flat side onto the paper at the top of the stick. Now, if you’re so inclined, cut out some plastic and glue it around the edges of your pom pom. I used a pen tip to glue it around underneath the edge of the pom pom so it looked like a lollipop wrapper.

lollipop present shop sweet luluNow, slip the ribbon through the gift tag and create a bow. Use the glue to attach it to the base of the pom pom where your plastic is gathered.

candy wrapping paperYou can write whatever you’d like on the tag but I like my puns thank you very much! ~Rachel