how to store your blankets

I’m a big vintage shopper… and when I’m out there at the flea market or digging my way through a bin at Goodwill I live by one credo. If I like it (even if I have NO idea what I’ll do with it) I’m going to get it and figure out a way to work it into my home decor later. Case and point? This vintage, er, laundry basket? I’m not even sure what it is but I just loved it when I found it at the Rose Bowl and so I bargained down the price and then wheeled this puppy all the way back to my car! When I got home I realized it would make the perfect holder for all of our blankets in the den and since I’ve put it into place, no less than 437 people have complimented me on the idea.

Which got me thinking, I bet there are all sorts of cool ways to store blankets and it turns out there are. Below is a list of some of my favorites! 

store blankets

First of all, I realize that in order to pull this look off you’re going to need a lucite coffee table but even if you don’t have one, I love how this image from Good Bones Great Pieces encourages you to keep your heirloom quilts out in the open and make them part of the decor. So pretty!!  

blankets in a crate

In this tutorial from the Home Depot blog you can rough up a crate in the prettiest way possible and use it to store your cozy throws and pillows.

tartan basket

This Little Street Blog not only stores her blankets in a basket… she paints it a cool tartan print first!

blankets in a galvanized tub

This Norwegian Blogger was the only one I could find who was using a galvanized tub for her blankets which shocks me because it’s such a great look. Please note her cat who’s is pulling a Princess-And-The-Pea moment there.

store blankets on a ladder

There are a ton of options online for using a ladder to store your throws, but I love the eclectic look of A Beautiful Mess’ which also includes a How-To.

Armoire Blankets

Paint Me White used an armoire to put her quilts on display instead of hidden in a closet and the result is shabby chic perfection!

blankets in wire cart

Last but not least, I love love love this idea from Recipe For Crazy… pile up all those adorable baby blankets in an old wire grocery cart!

What do you think y’all, is there anything I missed? How do you store your blankets and throws? Comment below and tell me about it! ~Rachel