kermit gift bagWith the new Muppet Movie coming out in a couple of weeks, it seems Kermit and his new nemesis Constantine are all I hear about when I drive carpool. In fact, Sawyer talked about Constantine for a week before I realized it wasn’t someone in his class! To celebrate, I thought it’d be cute to create some lunch bags for the boys to use… or, if you’ve got a muppet themed birthday party on the books these would make great favor bags!

kermit and miss piggy bagThese bags are SO simple to make! Just get some green bags for Kermie and some pink ones for Miss Piggy… I found mine at a party store but they have them at most craft stores as well.

diy muppet gift bags For Kermit’s bag I cut his collar out on mustard yellow card stock. You can use the template below if you need a guideline, just cut out along the lines and you’ll have the exact size collar you need for a regular sized lunch bag.

kermit the frog diyFor Miss Piggy I used a large hole punch and white card stock. Everything was attached with a glue stick.

muppet birthday party ideas[photos by Maryanne Cabrera]