The ladies in the Chic office have a confession…we are all using makeup that is expired. Most of the time there are telltale signs, flaking mascara, dry eyeshadows and cracked powders. So when these things happens I usually know it’s time to restock. But other signs are more subtle like irritated skin and small breakouts. Most of the time we assume these symptoms are from stress and don’t consider our makeup as a possible culprit.

So we came up with a super simple and chic way to keep track of everything in your makeup drawer and most importantly when to toss it out. It’s best to start with new products (as you restock) so you can start fresh.


First place a small sticker on each product.

Next, check the expiration date on the product, usually noted in months (M). A typical expiration will be 12 or 24 months, however natural products with little or no preservatives could have a shelf life of 6 months or less.


Calculate the expiration date from the day you purchased the product. Now subtract a few months and add this date to the sticker. This will take into consideration the time it has been sitting on the shelf at the store.

There you go! Now you can track your makeup, keep it fresh and avoid unnecessary product irritation. ~Brandee 


 [photos by Maryanne Cabrera]