thechic-soup-can-flowers-3This is one of those posts that was inspired by a trip to the grocery store.

I was pushing my cart down an aisle and I saw these cans for fruit and thought “those are the prettiest cans, what could I make with those?” The answer, of course, was sweet little centerpieces. These are charming addition to a spring table, a wedding, or even just to brighten up your desk at work!

centerpiece ingredientsWhat You’ll Need

Oasis Floral Foam – the kind that you can get wet

Fruit Cans – I suppose you could use soup cans too but I thought these were so pretty! Use can freeze the fruit inside for later or use it   in my Citrus Berry Poundcake

Flowers – Choose floral that works with the color on your can. I used ranunculus, lemon leaves, and several different shades of greenery. I love a mix of texture and color so have fun with your choices!

oasis floral foam, cutting it to sizeStart by cutting your floral foam so it will fit inside of your can, it should be about 2″ shorter than the top edge of the can. Next dip the foam in water so it soaks up completely… this water will keep your floral fresh for days.

cutting the stems of flowersPosition the flowers first. I like to cut each stem at an angle so the edge will easily poke down inside the foam. The great thing about working with floral foam is that it will hold your flowers in position, it’s much easier for newbie florist.

rachel hollis entertaining expertI start with the flowers and then add the greenery in to fill out the rest of the piece. I built these flowers to be seen only from the front but if you’re building a piece that will be seen from all angles than you need to spin the can as you work to be sure it looks good from every direction.

spring flowers, centerpiece in a canYou can see that most of my elements are clustered in groups: a bunch of floral here, a bunch of leaves there… I’m not any kind of florist, I just keep adding things until I think it looks pretty!

purple and yellow rununculas

soup can flowers

ranunculus centerpiece