spray paint sign living roomWe’ve been at the new Chic HQ since the beginning of January and honestly we haven’t really had time to do a whole heck of a lot decor wise. It doesn’t bother me so much in the back offices or in the kitchen, but the main room (where guests enter through and staff works on projects) is pretty bare. Over the next few months I’m really going to make the effort to decorate the space and get it looking, well, Chic!

Up first, I finally took the time to paint and hang the vintage marquee letters I purchased months ago!

Chic Main Room BEFORE

When we moved in here the front room had different color on every wall so the first order of business was to paint it. I went with a dark charcoal grey because I saw that color wall once at a JCrew store and I wanted to try it ever since! As for wall art, I really wanted something that said CHIC so I started collecting vintage marquee letters to spell out the word.

The Chic vintage Sign

Next up some gold spray paint! I just wiped down the letters to get rid of dust and gave them a couple coats of gold paint.

Gold spray letters-TheChic

Chic Signage - TheChic

 Once you spray each letter completely, allow to dry before you hang on the wall.

Dave Hollis

The face of each letter was removable (I assume so that once upon a time people could change out the lightbulbs inside) so hubby removed the face, screwed the letter to the wall and put the face back on.

Rachel Hollis - TheChic

So now we have a sign in the front room! Do we have any other decor in there yet? Well, no, not exactly but we’ve got a start and there’s more fun ideas where this one came from. Stay tuned!! ~Rachel