southern sweet tea ingredients recipe

I spent a lot of my childhood at Grandma and Grandpa Neeley’s house. In fact, most of my favorite food memories are inside that two room red and white house on a dusty street on the edge of our small town. The smell of coconut cream pies cooling in the bedroom (it was the coolest room in the house during the summer), the wafers that always filled the the small cookie jar, chicken soup and ham sandwiches on white bread, apple cake and most especially, Sweet Tea. Grandma kept a pot of sweet tea on the stove the way other people might keep apples on the counter or potatoes in the pantry… it was just always there, a staple of the kitchen. Grandma and Grandpa have long since gone to heaven, but making this recipe (in the same glass carafe that she used) always brings back my happiest memories of them.

how to make southern teaFill a pot or a kettle with 8 Cups of Water, add tea bags and bring to boil. Pour in the sugar (yes, I know that’s an unGodly amount of sweetener but that’s the way it’s done!) while the tea is still hot.

Stir Sweet Tea-TheChic

Sweet Tea 2-TheChic

If you’re serving this to company you can put it into a nicer pitcher but make sure you serve it over lots of ice!

southern sweet tea vintage pitcher