vintage fork, lavender, partyLittle flower pots make such charming silverware holders for spring and summer parties! I added a little lavender sprig and my Nana’s vintage forks to give them a sweet little makeover that’s so easy anyone can do the same! ~Rachel 

silverware holder summer spring party3 Small Flower Pots

Kitchen Twine

Fresh Herbs

A fun accessory like my Nana’s vintage forks!

lavender party, garden party ideasUse the kitchen twine to wrap the herbs and the accessory in place on the top lip of the pot (see photo below). I wrapped mine around twice and then tied a knot. Please note, my string was wrapped tightly and the fork wasn’t heavy… both of these are key to holding your accessories in place.

garden wedding accessories, lavenderOnce your pots are decorated just fill them up with silverware and add to the party buffet… you will need to refresh your herbs for each party as they won’t stay fresh outside of water!

silverware garden party

forks in a flower pot