Layer Salad in Mason Jar-TheChic

A couple of years ago my mom told me she wanted to make a salad for me to put her on the site. At the time I was still blogging infrequently and always desperate for content so I told her to go right ahead and make whatever she wanted… she is my mom after all and she’s an incredible cook so I knew it would be great. Fast forward to a couple hours later when she presented me with her Seven Layer Salad. Everything about it weirded me out. Why was it in layers? Why did it have mayo on top? Where was the dressing?! But she insisted and I demurred and gave it a try and it turns out, that salad is darn delicious! It’s crunchy and full of flavor and when I shared it on the site readers went crazy for it because most of them had grown up with a Mama or a Grandma who made something similar. Since it’s the start of spring and picnics/cookout season is drawing closer I thought it would be fun to serve this favorite up in a different way. A little mason jar action and your picnic just got a whole lot cuter!

picnic salad

Use mom’s recipe, you can find it here only put your layers inside mason jars instead of in a big salad bowl.

Seven layer Salad-TheChic

I suggest serving your salads up on a little tray at the end of the buffet… for extra credit, use a cool fork to along with them! ~Rachel

Salad on Tray-TheChic