herb garden in mason jar

When it comes to gardening, you are either gifted with a Green thumb or a Black thumb. But herbs are the happy little middle ground where the novice and seasoned gardener are on equal soil. The good news is herbs are fairly low maintenance but yield tons of benefits. Not only will you have fresh garnish within an arm’s reach, but it’s a fun little project that everyone can help assemble. ~Brandee


Simple Space Saver
I like the way Tricia from Upcycled Stuff created a space saving stacked herb garden with painted cans. 


Repurposed Planks  
Metal, wood and mason jars. Stacy from Not Just A Housewife used all my favorite elements to neatly display her herb garden in a hallway.


Vintage Teacups 
Intimate Weddings collected beautiful vintage teacups to display herbs.What a thoughtful gift to give a guest or a treat to bring to a hostess. 


Upcycled Shutters 
I’m still not over the trend of spicing up a shutter. Especially if used to display an herb garden outside like ElizabethKateDecor.


Long and Lean 
Camille Styles’ use of a vertical plank and “tipped” mason jars was interesting to me. This allows the herbs to grow without overlapping onto each other. 


Tea Tins 
I shouldn’t play favorites, but I can’t deny that these vintage tea tins filled with herbs by From the Lark in Melbourne are now on the top of my to-do list. 


A Bountiful Trellis 
Better Homes and Gardens’s trellis herb display is ideal if you have a small backyard or need to transport the garden. 


Mothology used a tiered display to showcase herbs. This could replace a potted plant or inside plant and brighten up a kitchen corner. 


Hanging Vases 
I really like the simplicity of Light and Ladder’s herb wall pockets. The clean, white vases are perfect for displaying herbs in the kitchen.


Fill Your Sill 
If you like to match and have a windowsill in your kitchen, choose a color to coordinate and display the herbs in a row like Better Homes and Gardens.