bbq coleslaw recipe no mayoI love the idea of taking a regular every day thing, something you’ve seen a million times before, and displaying it in an unexpected way. The idea that you can elevate your everyday dishes into something more exciting simply by serving them in a different way is sort of the basis for this whole site. Just a little nudge here and a new garnish there and voila, you’ve made life more beautiful with very little effort!

Today’s mission? Coleslaw!

Asian Coleslaw Recipe -TheChic

serve coleslaw in cupcake wrapperI’m not really a classic coleslaw kind of gal. If I am going to make it, I use This Recipe for Tangy Slaw made with vinegar and poppy seeds. But even still, serving it in a big bowl at the end of the bbq buffet is fine, but it’s not necessarily chic. So how about using paper baking cups to hold the salad in individual portions?

Just serve your slaw in individual portions on a matching platter for the cutest little bbq side dish ever! Quick note, make sure you get the paper cups that are lined so your oils/vinegar won’t bleed through the sides. ~Rachel

red and green cabbage