After making this Wild Orange Chamomile face mist for sensitive skin, the Chic HQ smelled like a dream. The bright notes of the citrus instantly brighten our mood and the lightly hydrating glycerin really soothed our skin. Try this homemade combination if you have normal to sensitive skin. The vegetable glycerin is an “easy on the skin” emollient and the chamomile is gentle and calming. Keep this face mist for sensitive skin on hand for a quick pick me up. Also a great hair and room refresher! ~Brandee 


DIY Face Mist for Sensitive Skin-TheChic

Face Mist For Sensitive Skin Ingredients

1 Chamomile tea bag

3 drops of wild orange essential oil  

2 drops of vegetable glycerin 


spritz bottle 

Face Mist Ingredients -TheChic

Homemade Face Mist For Sensitive Skin Recipe

Boil water and steep tea bag in water for 10 minutes

Fill half of a small spray bottle with tea and let it cool 

Add water to fill the bottle 

Drop in essential oil and glycerin 

Shake and spray! 

Keep fresh and cool by storing in refrigerator