organize your closet with hooks

There are a handful of things in my closet that I always mean to wear.

This zebra blouse or the green lace or that dress from Anthro I just had to have, all of them are gorgeous but because they aren’t part of my repertoire I tend to forget to incorporate them into an outfit. I kept thinking, ‘if only that blouse was right under my nose, I’d remember to wear it the next time I got dressed’ then finally, I figured out a way to do exactly that with this Closet Organization Hook. I call it a Me Next Hook… as in, Wear ME NEXT!

Rachel Hollis blogger

All you need is a pretty hook like this one I found on Etsy and the tools necessary to hang it (a screw, a drill, a little helper to hold the measuring tape) and a little frame. Then just print out the signs we made for you (at the bottom of the post) and inset it into your frame and you’re ready to go!

hanging a hook step by step


I love this idea because the hook can hold anything from clothes, to jewelry or even that fabulous hat you’ve been wanting to wear to church on Sunday! ~Rachel

turquoise necklace