Make Your Own Rainboot Garden_Featured

As the rainy season wraps up and summer begins to loom on the horizon, I always feel ready to start sprucing up my patio and yard. Nothing makes me more excited to be outside in the warmer weather than a little weekend DIY project that is fun, easy, and makes my space feel brand new. I particularly like this project because it is the perfect way for moms or grandmas to reuse their kids and grandkids old rainboots that they have grown out of. Not only will your yard feel fresh and ready for summer, but you can think fondly about those munchkins splashing in puddles each time you look at your garden! So grab those boots you know they wont fit in during next years rainy season and repurpose them as a Rainboot Garden in your yard this weekend!

~ Cortnee

How to Make a Garden out of Old Rainboots


– Don’t have outgrown rainboots on hand? Try finding a variety a local thrift store or flea market.

– If you would rather not hang them on a wall, or you only have one pair you would like to display they look super cute sitting by your front door mat!

Pot Flowers in Old Rainboots

Old Rainboot Hanging Flower Garden