make your own curtains

The dip dye and ombre look have hit everything from hair to decor, and I really like the homemade feel it has, like each thing had to be dipped by hand. We decided at the Chic to have a go at applying this idea to our very own curtains for the office. I have to admit readers, I was a little intimidated by this project before I got started. But it turned out to be one of those DIYs that you think are going to be scary, but actually turn out so fun you get excited to do it again! We made it simple by using store bought curtains and simple dye. Follow the steps below and see how easy it really is! ~ Cortnee
step by step to dip dye


– We got our ombre effect by dipping the bottom section for 45 minutes, middle for 30 minutes, top for 15 minutes, and then leaving the majority of the curtains white. You could also get a more solid color by dipping the whole bottom for the same amount of time. 

– We got some great unique patterns in our curtains by keeping the rubber bands on our curtains while they dipped. If you prefer a more smooth dye look, follow the exact same steps but skip the scrunching and rubber banding. Just make sure to do your best to keep things dipped to the right level.

– Rinsing the remaining dye out of your curtains is super important. Please make sure to rinse and squeeze until no remaining dye bleeds out. Then you should be safe to wash your curtains before you hang.
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Dip Dye Curtains