Inspire Others_Featured When I ran my first half marathon I was utterly overwhelmed with gratitude by all the people who came to cheer us on. You never know how much a cheering section or some inspiring words will help you until you’re close to quitting… then you recognize them for the incredible gift they are. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to figure out how I could create some similar inspiration for runners without holding up signs or standing for hours on the side of the trail. Then one day it hit me… Graffiti!  motivating others, sidewalk graffitiOk, not real graffiti… just some sidewalk chalk I borrowed from my kids. I thought if I wrote motivational sayings as inspiration for runners on the track near my house then they could see it as they jogged by… and maybe it might help brighten their day, or at least their workout. So, I grabbed the whole Chic team and we went to the Rose Bowl to leave some fun notes for the other exercisers in our hood. rose bowl runner track Rachel Hollis inspiring We walked around the track (about 3 miles) as a group and left messages every once in a while. They were funny, silly, sweet, motivating, and we hope, inspiring for the others who’d see them later. leaving quotes at the rose bowl #thechic The absolute BEST part was that later that weekend we found a lot of people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter who’d found the notes and shared them with their friends. #TheChic on Instagram I hope you’ll consider packing some sidewalk chalk in your workout bag and trying this idea out in your own communities. There’s nothing cooler than being inspired when you least expect it, so think up some neat sayings and be sure to tag them #TheChic so we can see them too. Inspiring other women is Chic, pass it on! ~Rachel