Make your own Teacup Birdbath_Featured

My great aunt was an amazing gardener and as a child I remember finding her yard to be quite a magical place. One of the many reasons for that was she always came up with ways to attract the local birdies and butterflies to come for a visit, and I just loved to see them floating by or sipping on a feeder. If you are hoping to have more birds enjoying your garden this summer, this Teacup Birdbath is the perfect project. It is a simple and quick DIY that birds will love to come and take a dip in, and it adds a cute touch to any garden large or small! Grab an old tea set that you are no longer using, or source mix and match teacups from your local flea market and get started this weekend! ~Cortnee

how to make a birdbath


– You can use a matching set of teacups like we did, or mix and match colors, shapes and sizes for a more whimsical look!

– To make sure that the birdbaths are sturdy, hammer in the dowels until they are deep enough that they do not wiggle when touched.

– Make sure to let epoxy dry according to the packaging. For example, we let the saucers dry to the dowels for five minutes before attaching the cup, and then we let the cup dry to the saucer for five minutes before filling the cups with water.

Teacups in Garden

Teacup as a Birdbath