Individual Place Setting for Buffet

If your summer barbecues are anything like mine, chances are they’re served buffet style. Which is great, except that whenever I’m setting it up I then have to figure out how I’ll style utensils on the buffet. The old school way is to wrap them up in the napkin burrito style, but I thought it would be cool to serve each guests necessities (glass, napkin, silverware) in one cute little package!

gingham napkins with mason jars

You’ll need napkins (I used these gingham red, white and blue for 4th of July), silverware and medium sized mason jars. Fold the napkin in to a square and put it (point side down) into the glass. Fluff the ends that are sticking out the top and next you can add the silverware.

Setting up a Buffet Table

Place the finished glassware on a tray (I just used an old cookie sheet) along with the plates and you’re ready to party now that you’ve styled utensils on the buffet.

how to set up a buffet

summer barbecue placesetting