Ok, I’m going to be totally honest… I don’t really know if any of you will care about my skincare routine.

I don’t think of myself as high maintenance, apparently having this many steps for cleaning your face isn’t the norm. I don’t know that anything else in my life has this many pieces, but then again, I don’t wear much makeup so I put a lot more effort into what’s going on underneath than I do the application of beauty product. I will also say this for great skin… diet matters! I drink at least half my bodyweight in ounces of water every single day and I gave up dairy last year when I noticed that it kept breaking me out. If you’re having breakouts, pay attention to what foods tend to make them flare up. Diet matters!


So if you’re interested, here is what I use, why and how I use it! ~Rachel

eminence skin care

Ok, so first of all, let me tell you about a few key pieces that aren’t on the photo above.


– My Face Wash is a Panthenol Cleanser – I started using this years ago when I realized that my other wash was drying my already slightly dry skin, out. Do you ever wash your face and it feels super tight and shiny? That’s not supposed to happen! It means your soap stripped away everything… including the good stuff!


Bioelements Oxygenation – My cheeks get pretty dried out, but the rest of my face doesn’t, so I needed something that I could apply to the problem area. An esthetician told me about this product and I swear by it. It’s actually made for wrinkles but it’s so concentrated it’s perfect for dry skin. It’s about $40 an ounce which is BONKERS, but one bottle will last you 6 months so I think it’s worth it.


Solar Defender SPF 30 – I wear this as my moisturizer every day. I NEVER go outside without it on.


On to the list above…


1. Yam and Pumpkin Mask from Eminence – Using a mask every other day is essential to glowing happy skin. I switch back and forth between this one and another. I love this one in particular, not for real skin reasons, but because it smells like you’re putting pumpkin pie on your face and pumpkin pie is never wrong!


2. Clarsonic Mia – One of these brushes is vital! I know it’s a bit pricy, but it makes all the difference in the world. Just make sure to get the brush head that works best with your skin… I use the wimpiest one they have so it’s really soft.


3. Gentle Solution PM Repair by Arcona – I use this nighttime serum in place of moisturizer every other night. I like that it’s really light and it acts as a mild mask while you sleep. I would only recommend this in the summertime though. In the winter I need more moisture on my face so I use the rose whip below.


4. Argan Oil – I use this on everything from my hands, to my face, to the ends of my hair. In the winter when my skin is really dried out I’ll use this at night on top of my moisturizer.


5. Couperose-C Serum from Eminence – My entire family has rosacea and so we’re all a little obsessed with this product. You apply it to the red areas on your skin and it clears them up. I use it on my cheeks and around my nose.


6. Stone Crop Hydrating Mist – I don’t actually believe a toner is necessary but this smells like you’re spraying your face with freshly washed sheets from a luxury hotel on a tropical island! I know that doesn’t make sense (until you smell it!) but it’s just a fresh clean burst of goodness to start your day off right!


7. Softlips Lip Balm – Or as my sisters and I call it “lip stuff”. You just have to have lip stuff, no matter what! Recently someone asked me what I’d take on a deserted island if I could only have one thing and Vanilla lip stuff was my answer! I very rarely wear color on my lips but I ALWAYS have this on.


8 & 9 – Are both moisturizers from Eminence and both smell like heaven! I go back and forth between the two for nighttime moisturizing.

Last but not least… the order!



Face Wash + Clarisonic then pat dry

Next is Hydrating Mist, then Couperose C (let dry) then comes Oxygen Cocktail, and Solar Defender



Face Wash then pat dry, apply a thin layer of the Pumpkin Mask. After 10 minutes rinse off and pat dry.

Next is Hydrating Mist then, Couperose C, then Moisturizer + Argan Oil on my cheeks